Dyno Rolling Road

4 Wheel Drive Dyno Dynamics DynoOur rolling road is a 4 Wheel Drive Dyno Dynamics dyno and is quickly becoming the industry standard within the tuning/power testing market.

It is capable of steady state tuning of 1200 BHP (600 BHP per axle) and power runs of up to 2700 BHP (900 BHP/1800 BHP front/rear axle). It is designed to handle any 4WD safely including Porsche, VAG and Volvo 4WD systems. Incorporating a Smart System it will shut down if it detects any risk of transmission damage.

In addition to power results we can also provide customers with Air Fuel Ratio (AFR) readings and forced induction boost pressure, Power and torque at wheels, power and torque at flywheel, air intake temperature, ambient temperature, barometric temperature, road speed and much more.

The rolling road also serves as an excellent diagnostic and data logging tool. With our rolling road we can tell you how ‘healthy’ your car is running, we will carry out power runs until we are happy with a consistent figure. Along with this we have the ability to do live mapping to ECU’s the Dyno has the ability to hold load which allows us to precision tune an engine. 


Proper vehicle cooling fans are absolutely essential to dynamometer use and vehicle tuning. Nothing will hinder the tuning process more than inadequate vehicle cooling, resulting in soaring under bonnet temperatures, and reduced intake air charge densities. We use a Dastek high pressure centrifugal cooling fan, enabling quick, reliable, safe engine tuning and power runs. It is capable of replicating wind speeds of over 100 MPH.

Dyno DynamicsOur rolling road is available for:

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